African Baby Names: 150 Unique African Baby Names with Meanings

African Baby Names In today’s world, the first impression or the first identity is from the name of the person, by the name a person can know the caste religion or mention of a person. nowadays people want to have positive names which should be simple, small, and sweet to pronounce, names also differ from place to place, religion to religion, in this world, we have different kinds of people who worship different gods and keep their children name according to that. while keeping the same of a child we should not only think about the present but also about the future.

While keeping the name of children we should have done lots of research as the name is something by which a child will be known and this will become an identity for her/him. A parent should ask elders as well as present generation members of the family. Every parent wants to give the best name to their children and sometimes ends up in giving not good which results in children hating it, to avoid this mistake we should do some research and we are here to help you. so let’s have an idea about 150+ Unique African Names and meanings that can be very popular for your children.

Powerful African Baby Girl Names

In this section, we will find out the Popular African Baby names for girls,

  • Adea: “gift from God”.
  • Bokang: “praise” or “rejoice”.
  • Furaha: “delight”
  • Jemila: “beautiful”
  • Zikhona: “we are blessed with girls”
  • Ada / Adana: “first daughter,” and Adana means “her father’s daughter”.
  • Amari: “possesses great strength,” “moon.”
  • Bahati: “lucky” or “fortunate”
  • Bisa: “greatly loved.”
  • Eshe: “life, energy”
  • Hasina: “good”
  • Jamila/h: “beautiful.”
  • Jina: “named child.”
  • Kali: “energetic” “rosebud”
  • Latrice: “noble woman”
  • Lulu: “pearl”
  • Machelle: “who resembles God,”
  • Malika: “queen,”
  • Makena: “happy one”
  • Nala: “first drink of water” or “drinking water in the desert,”
  • Neema: “born in prosperity”
  • Sarama: “nice.”
  • Tamala: “dark tree,”
  • Tayla: “she has been seen.”
  • Zina: “secret spiritual name”
  • Zuri: “good, beautiful.”
  • African Baby Names

Beautiful African Girl Names With Meaning

Powerful African Baby Girl Names
Beautiful African Girl Names With Meaning
Unique African Baby Names
African Baby Names with Meaning
Beautiful African Names

Here we will find beautiful African girl names with meaning

  • Jahia: “widely known”
  • Jameelah: “chaste woman”
  • Jameila: “beautiful”
  • Jariah: “tributary Lord”.
  • Jela: ” faced many challenges during the birth of the child”
  • Jetta: “encircled”
  • Kabibe: “little lady”
  • Kacela: “great huntress”
  • Ianthe: “flower of purple colour”
  • Ibbie: “promise of God”.
  • Ife: “woman of love”.
  • Jadwiga: “fighting a battle”

Unique African Baby Names

We are trying to get you the best collection of African boy names and their meaning

  • Akila: Meaning “intelligent”.
  • Asim: Meaning “protector”.
  • Bahiti: Meaning “fortune”.
  • Chisisi: Meaning “secret”.
  • Ada: Meaning “first daughter”.
  • Afamefuna: Meaning “my name will not be lost”.
  • Amara: Meaning “grace” or “kindness”.
  • Chidinma: Meaning “God is good”.
  • Chima: Meaning “God knows”.
  • Ganiru: Meaning “good luck”.
  • Ifechukwu: Meaning “light of God”.
  • Ifunanya: Meaning “love”.
  • Ikemba: Meaning “strength of the nation”.
  • Nnamdi: Meaning “God is alive” or “my father lives”.
  • Cleopatra: Meaning “glory of the father”.
  • Habibah: Meaning “love”.
  • Khepri: Meaning “morning sun”.
  • Absame: Meaning “great one”.
  • Ayaan: Meaning “gift of God” or “good luck”.
  • Diric: Meaning “courageous”.
  • Fowsio: Meaning “success”.
  • Geedi: Meaning “free-spirited” or “traveler”.
  • Hibo or Hiba: Meaning “gift”.
  • Jamilah: Meaning “beautiful”.
  • Nala: Meaning “us”.
  • Uba: Meaning “flower”.
  • Yuusuf: Meaning “God increases”.
  • Mahmoud: Meaning “praiseworthy”.
  • Mosi: Meaning “first-born”.
  • Osiris: Meaning “strong eyesight”.

African Baby Names with Meaning

There are some most popular names in Africa which we are getting it for you, go through the list.

  • Ade: “royal.”
  • Azibo: “earth” also has a “youth”
  • Chike: “God’s strength.”
  • Dakarai: “happiness.”
  • Davu: “David,” “the beginning.”
  • Ekon: “strong”
  • Hamidi: “praised, admired.”
  • Issa: “God is salvation”
  • Jabari: “famous, brave.”
  • Kasim: “controller of anger;”
  • Kellan: “powerful.”
  • Kendi: “loved one”
  • Kwame: “born on Saturday”
  • Mosi: “born first,”
  • Odion: “born of twins.”

Omari: In Swahili, this African boy name means “God the highest,” and from the Egyptian, “high born”…two related meanings worthy of a special little boy.Salim/Saleem: “peaceful, safe”Taj: “crown.”Zain: “flourishing”.

Beautiful African Names

  • Arno: Meaning “eagle”.
  • Elna: Meaning “beloved”.
  • Imka: Meaning “water”.
  • Lerato: Meaning “love”.
  • Luan: Meaning “lion”.
  • Masego: Meaning “blessed one”.
  • Mieke: Meaning “water”.
  • Mpho: Meaning “gift”.
  • Oratile: Meaning “origin”.
  • Zola: Meaning “calm”.

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Baby-names are also differed according to the region of the country, so in this section, we are showing you the result of south African baby names.

Some people also prefer to have Genealogy, it is an additional naming option you have while selecting the name of the baby as time pass you can select the name which was quite popular as it became uncommon.

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