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English Girl Names: 120+ Adorable English Girl Names with Meanings

The concept of naming girls in English culture has evolved over time, with various trends and traditions influencing the choices made by parents. In recent years, there has been a shift towards naming girls with more gender-neutral names or names that have traditionally been associated with boys, such as Charlie, Riley, or Jordan.

However, there are also still popular trends of feminine names with romantic or floral associations, such as Lily, Rose, or Isabella. Many parents also choose to honor family members or cultural traditions when naming their daughters.

Ultimately, the naming of a girl in English culture is a deeply personal choice and can reflect a wide range of factors, including cultural influences, family history, personal preferences, and societal trends.

Beautiful rare girl names

Here are some beautiful and rare girl names that you might find interesting:

  • Calliope – of Greek origin, meaning “beautiful voice”
  • Seraphina – of Hebrew origin, meaning “fiery-winged”
  • Ophelia – of Greek origin, meaning “helper”
  • Aria – of Italian origin, meaning “air” or “song”
  • Celestia – of Latin origin, meaning “heavenly”
  • Aurelia – of Latin origin, meaning “golden”
  • Esme – of French origin, meaning “beloved”
  • Guinevere – of Welsh origin, meaning “fair and smooth”
  • Lyra – of Greek origin, meaning “lyre” or “harp”
  • Isadora – of Greek origin, meaning “gift of Isis”

These names are unique and have a beautiful sound, making them great options for parents who want to give their daughters a special and memorable name.

English Names Girl 1800s

English girl names that were popular during the 1800s were often inspired by religion, nature, literature, or family traditions. Here are some examples:

  • Mary – derived from the Hebrew name Miriam, meaning “bitter” or “rebellious”
  • Elizabeth – derived from the Hebrew name Elisheva, meaning “my God is an oath”
  • Charlotte – of French origin, meaning “free man”
  • Catherine – of Greek origin, meaning “pure”
  • Margaret – of Greek origin, meaning “pearl”
  • Sarah – derived from the Hebrew name Sarai, meaning “princess”
  • Ann – derived from the Hebrew name Hannah, meaning “grace”
  • Emma – of German origin, meaning “universal”
  • Ada – of German origin, meaning “noble”
  • Harriet – of French origin, meaning “ruler of the home”

These names were popular during the Victorian era and reflect the values and beliefs of the time. They are classic and timeless names that are still used today.

beautiful girl names

There are so many beautiful girl names to choose from, depending on your preferences and cultural background. Here are some examples of beautiful girl names that you might like:

  • Ava – of Latin origin, meaning “life” or “bird”
  • Sophia – of Greek origin, meaning “wisdom”
  • Isabella – of Hebrew origin, meaning “devoted to God”
  • Chloe – of Greek origin, meaning “blooming”
  • Lily – of English origin, meaning “pure” or “innocent”
  • Aurora – of Latin origin, meaning “dawn”
  • Grace – of Latin origin, meaning “charm” or “goodness”
  • Aria – of Italian origin, meaning “song” or “air”
  • Amara – of Italian origin, meaning “eternal”
  • Celeste – of Latin origin, meaning “heavenly”

These are just a few examples of beautiful girl names that are popular today, but there are many more to choose from depending on your personal taste and preferences.

short unique girl names

If you’re looking for short and unique girl names, here are some ideas:

  • Zara – of Arabic origin, meaning “princess”
  • Luna – of Latin origin, meaning “moon”
  • Ada – of German origin, meaning “noble”
  • Niamh – of Irish origin, meaning “bright” or “radiant”
  • Sage – of English origin, meaning “wise”
  • Maeve – of Irish origin, meaning “intoxicating”
  • Lila – of Arabic origin, meaning “night”
  • Nola – of Irish origin, meaning “famous”
  • Freya – of Norse origin, meaning “goddess of love, fertility, and war”
  • Aya – of Japanese origin, meaning “colorful” or “design”

These names are short and unique, making them great options for parents who want something different and memorable for their daughters.

unique girl names

If you’re looking for unique girl names that are not commonly heard, here are some ideas:

  • Aisling – of Irish origin, meaning “dream” or “vision”
  • Azalea – of Greek origin, meaning “dry”
  • Calla – of Greek origin, meaning “beautiful”
  • Daphne – of Greek origin, meaning “laurel tree”
  • Eira – of Welsh origin, meaning “snow”
  • Imogen – of Celtic origin, meaning “maiden”
  • Isadora – of Greek origin, meaning “gift of Isis”
  • Lark – of English origin, meaning “songbird”
  • Saffron – of English origin, meaning “yellow spice”
  • Xanthe – of Greek origin, meaning “yellow”

These names are unique and have a special meaning behind them, making them great options for parents who want to give their daughters a distinctive and memorable name.

English Names For Girls With Meaning

Here are some English girl names with meanings that you might find interesting:

  • Amelia – of German origin, meaning “work of the Lord”
  • Beatrice – of Latin origin, meaning “bringer of joy”
  • Caroline – of French origin, meaning “free man”
  • Delilah – of Hebrew origin, meaning “delicate”
  • Eloise – of French origin, meaning “famous warrior”
  • Fiona – of Gaelic origin, meaning “fair” or “white”
  • Genevieve – of French origin, meaning “tribe woman”
  • Imogen – of Celtic origin, meaning “maiden”
  • Juliet – of English origin, meaning “youthful” or “downy”
  • Matilda – of German origin, meaning “mighty in battle”

These names are classic and timeless, with a meaning behind them that can add depth and significance to your child’s name.

sweet baby girl names

If you’re looking for sweet baby girl names, here are some ideas:

  • Bella – of Italian origin, meaning “beautiful”
  • Daisy – of English origin, meaning “day’s eye”
  • Elsie – of Scottish origin, meaning “pledged to God”
  • Hazel – of English origin, meaning “hazel tree”
  • Ivy – of English origin, meaning “faithfulness”
  • Lily – of English origin, meaning “pure” or “innocent”
  • Mia – of Italian origin, meaning “mine” or “wished-for child”
  • Nora – of Irish origin, meaning “light”
  • Poppy – of English origin, after the red flower
  • Ruby – of English origin, after the red gemstone

These names are sweet and charming, and can bring a sense of joy and innocence to your baby girl’s name.

modern baby girl names

If you’re looking for modern baby girl names, here are some ideas:

  • Aria – of Italian origin, meaning “song” or “air”
  • Brielle – of French origin, meaning “God is my strength”
  • Harper – of English origin, meaning “harp player”
  • Kennedy – of Irish origin, meaning “helmeted chief”
  • Lila – of Arabic origin, meaning “night”
  • Nova – of Latin origin, meaning “new”
  • Peyton – of English origin, meaning “fighting man’s estate”
  • Quinn – of Irish origin, meaning “wise”
  • Rowan – of Gaelic origin, meaning “little redhead”
  • Sloane – of Irish origin, meaning “warrior”

These names have become popular in recent years and have a modern, trendy feel to them. They can make a unique and memorable name for your baby girl.

Pretty And Meaningful English Girl Names

  • Abigail – “a father’s joy”
  • Alexandria – “defender of mankind”
  • Amara – “eternal beauty”
  • Amelia – “industrious”
  • Amelie – “industrious”
  • Angelina – “heavenly messenger”
  • Arabella – “beautiful eagle”
  • Aria – “like a beautiful melody”Evie– Life
  • Mackenzie– “Born of fire”
  • Heather– “Evergreen flowering plant”
  • Hazel– “Name of a tree, commander”
  • Aurelia– “Golden one, precious”
  • London– “Wild or Bold”
  • Nicolette– “Victory of the people”
  • Ariel– “Lion of god”
  • Talia– “Dew of God”
  • Alina: “The noble one”
  • Bella: “Beautiful”
  • Bellezza: “Beauty or beautiful”
  • Belinda: “Pretty one, very beautiful”
  • Bonita: “PrettyLagina– Queen, sovereign”
  • Jemma– “Gem”
  • Claribel– “Bright and pretty”
  • Cassidy– “Clever”
  • Valencia– “Healthy, brave, strong”
  • Bonnie: “Pretty or attractive”
  • Caily: “Pretty or slender”
  • Calista: “Most beautiful”
  • Calliope: “Beautiful voice”
  • Calixta: “Most beautiful or the most lovely”
  • Scarlett – “deep red”
  • Shelby – “sheltered town”
  • Sophia – “wisdom”
  • Stella – “star”
  • Summer – referring to the summer season
  • Sydney – “from the city of Saint-Denis”
  • Thea – “healer”
  • Tracey – “reaper” and French for “path”
  • Uma – “mother” and also the name for the Hindu goddess Devi
  • Valentina – “good health”
  • Valerie – “strong”
  • Venus – “Goddess of love”
  • Victoria – “victory”
  • Violet – “purple”
  • Vivien – “living” or “lively”

Names For Your Baby Girl with Meaning

  • Raven: “dark-haired or wise.”
  • Amber: “jewel or fierce.”
  • Ruby: “deep red precious stone.”
  • Cerise: “cherry.”
  • Hazel: “God sees.”
  • Giada: “jade.”
  • Ginger: “pure or chaste.”
  • Beryl: “sea-green jewel.”
  • Sage: “wise.”
  • Clementine: “merciful.”
  • Olive: “olive tree” and evokes an olive branch, a symbol of peace.
  • Gemma: “precious stone.”
  • Violet: “modesty and faithfulness.”
  • Gardenia: “garden’s flower.”
  • Rose: Meaning “a flower,”
  • Lily: “pure, passion, or rebirth.”
  • Dahlia: “from the valley.”
  • Nevaeh: “Heaven”
  • Willa: “resolute protection.”
  • Belle: “beautiful.”
  • Iris: “rainbow.”
  • Poppy: “from the flower.”
  • Leilani: “heavenly lei or royal child of heaven,”
  • Marguerite: “pearl or daisy.”
  • Daisy: “day’s eye.”
  • Jasmine: “gift of God,”
  • Lavender: “a purple flowering plant.”
  • Rain: “abundant blessings from above,”
  • Sage: “wise.”
  • Willow: “slender or graceful.”
  • Fern: “bold voyager.”
  • Tansy: “immortality.”
  • Calla: “beautiful,”
  • Diana: “Moon Goddess”
  • Celine: “Moon”
  • Luna: “Moon (in Spanish and Italian)”
  • Rishima: “Moon beam”

Unique girl names with beautiful meanings

  • Yolanda: “Violet”.
  • Laina: “Pathway”.
  • Eva: “Life, living one”.
  • Phoebe: “Bright”.
  • Irie: “Good, pleasing”.
  • Kiera: “Dark, dark-haired”.
  • Wren: “Small bird”.
  • Daphne: “Fountains, springs, brooks”.
  • Tessa: “Fourth, reaper”.
  • Phoenix: “Dark red”.
  • Aspen: “Quaking tree”.
  • Faith: “Trust, belief”.
  • Fiona: “Fair, white”.
  • Leia: “Child of heaven”.
  • Raquel: “Innocent”.
  • Astrid: “Beautiful, fair”.
  • Heidi: “Nobility”.
  • Janece: “Benevolent, brilliant”.
  • Rowan: “Little red-haired one”.
  • Joelle: “Jehovah is God”.
  • Elsa: “Pledged for God”.
  • Delanie: “From the alder grove”.
  • Winnie: “Fair one, smooth, soft”.
  • Scarlett: “Courage, passion”.
  • Harlow: “Army hill”.
  • Robyn: “Bright, famous one”.
  • Selena: “Moon goddess”.
  • Elle: “She”.
  • Quinn: “Counsel”.
  • Chaya: “Life”.
  • Hermione: “messenger or earthly,”
  • Sansa: “praise or charm,”
  • Arya: “noble.”
  • Eloise: “healthy.”
  • Scout: “to listen,”
  • Heidi: “of noble kin.”
  • Imogen:”maiden.”
  • Juliet: “youthful.”
  • Ariel: “lion of God”
  • Matilda: “mighty in battle”
  • Ramona: “wise protector.”
  • Bella: “beautiful,”
  • Roxanne: “dawn,”
  • Athena: “wise.”

Beautiful baby girl names and meanings English

  • Athena: “Goddess of wisdom”
  • Audrey: “Noble strength”
  • Blythe: “Happy”
  • Harlow: “Army”
  • Harper: “Harp player”
  • Acacia: “Thorny”
  • Avery: “Elf wisdom”
  • Bambalina: “Little girl”
  • Eilidh: “Sun”
  • Lenora: “Bright”
  • Lorelei: “Alluring”
  • Maeby: “Bitter or pearl”
  • Phoebe: “Shining one”
  • Tabitha: “Gazelle”
  • Tallulah: “Running water”
  • Ivy: “A plant name”
  • Juniper: “Tree name”
  • Layla: “Night”
  • Lucille: “Light”
  • Lux: “Light”
  • Maisie: “Pearl”
  • Monroe: “Mouth of the Roe river”
  • Piper: “Pipe player”
  • Primrose: “First rose”
  • Stella: “Star”
  • Tatum: “Tate’s homestead”
  • Teagan: “Little poet or pretty”
  • Tenley: “Burnt clearing”
  • Tove: “Thunder”
  • Willow: “Willow tree”

Short unique girl names

  • Noa: “movement.”
  • Maeve: “she who intoxicates.”
  • Cassandra: “shining or excelling man.”
  • Tiana: “fairy queen,”
  • Gaia: “earth mother.”
  • Calliope: “beautiful voice.”
  • Cleopatra: “glory of the father,”
  • Valencia: “strong or healthy,”
  • Abilene: “land of meadow
  • Cara: “Face”
  • Christie: “A Christian”
  • Dana: “From Denmark”
  • Diva: “Goddess”
  • Francie: “From France”
  • Jamie: “Supplanter”
  • Jazzie: “Jasmin”

English Baby Girl Names

  • Emily
  • Olivia
  • Ava
  • Sophia
  • Mia
  • Charlotte
  • Amelia
  • Harper
  • Isabella
  • Grace
  • Lily
  • Scarlett
  • Abigail
  • Hannah
  • Victoria
  • Zoe
  • Elizabeth
  • Madison
  • Eleanor
  • Penelope

Baby girl names and meanings

  • Grace – Graceful, elegant, divine favor.
  • Ava – Life, lively, bird-like.
  • Sophia – Wisdom, knowledge, understanding.
  • Emily – Industrious, striving, rival.
  • Olivia – Olive tree, symbolizing peace and fruitfulness.
  • Charlotte – Free, strong, petite.
  • Amelia – Work of art, industrious, striving.
  • Harper – Harp player, minstrel.
  • Mia – Mine, beloved.
  • Isabella – Devoted to God, pledged to God.
  • Lily – Pure, innocent, beauty.
  • Scarlett – Bright red, passionate.
  • Abigail – Father’s joy, source of joy.
  • Hannah – Grace, favor, grace of God.
  • Victoria – Victory, conqueror.
  • Zoe – Life, alive, vibrant.
  • Elizabeth – God is my oath, consecrated to God.
  • Madison – Son of Matthew, strong in battle.
  • Eleanor – Bright, shining one.
  • Penelope – Weaver, weaver of dreams.

Unique english girl names

  • Seraphina – Derived from the word “seraphim,” meaning angelic beings.
  • Juniper – A name of a tree, symbolizing strength and protection.
  • Azalea – A beautiful flowering plant, representing femininity and grace.
  • Lyra – Inspired by the musical instrument lyre, symbolizing creativity and harmony.
  • Ophelia – A name with Greek origins, meaning “helpful” or “serpent.”
  • Elowen – Derived from Cornish, meaning “elm tree,” symbolizing intuition and strength.
  • Clementine – A name associated with the citrus fruit, representing freshness and vitality.
  • Genevieve – Derived from the Old French name, meaning “woman of the people” or “white wave.”
  • Celeste – Derived from Latin, meaning “heavenly” or “celestial.”
  • Imogen – Derived from Shakespearean literature, representing innocence and purity.
  • Amara – Derived from Arabic, meaning “eternal” or “immortal.”
  • Winter – Inspired by the season, symbolizing resilience and transformation.
  • Juno – Derived from Roman mythology, representing strength and femininity.
  • Aurelia – Derived from Latin, meaning “golden” or “bright.”
  • Marigold – A vibrant flower name, symbolizing warmth and beauty.
  • Meadow – Inspired by nature, representing tranquility and growth.
  • Seren – Derived from Welsh, meaning “star,” symbolizing guidance and inspiration.
  • Romilly – A name with French origins, meaning “from the Roman settlement.”
  • Zara – Derived from Arabic, meaning “princess” or “radiant.”
  • Saffron – Inspired by the spice, representing creativity and vitality.

Girl names that mean strong and beautiful

  • Kalliope – “beautiful”
  • Kamila – “free born”
  • Kara – “pure”
  • Karen – “pure, unsullied”
  • Klohe – “blooming, verdant”
  • Kleopatra – “glory, father, of a famous father”
  • Katrina – “pure”
  • Keara – “dark one”
  • Kendra – “knowledgeable”
  • Kristin – “anointed one”
  • Kyle – “she who is pretty”
  • Kyra – “sun”
  • Lala – “cheerful”
  • Lana – “little, soft”
  • Leah – “weary”
  • Leandra – “lioness”
  • Madelaine – “from the tower”
  • Martha – “lady, mistress”
  • Mirabelle – “wondrous”
  • Mona – “alone”
  • Nadia – “filled with hope”
  • Naomi – “pleasant”
  • Nanette – “grace, favor”
  • Nicole – “victory the people”
  • Nicolette – “people’s triumph”
  • Nina – “gracious”
  • Noel – “Christmas, birthday of the Lord”
  • Odele – “song”
  • Odelia – “wealthy, prosperous”
  • Olivia – “olive, symbol of peace”
  • Ophelia – “helpful, successor”
  • Pandora – “all gifted”
  • Patricia – “aristocrat”
  • Rachael – “purity”
  • Renee – “reborn”
  • Rita – “pearl”
  • Roxanne – “dawn of day, radiant”
  • Sadie – “princess”
  • Sally – “princess”
  • Sarah – “princess”
  • Sandra – “helper, defender”
  • Sharon – “a flat place of ground, a plain”
  • Solange – “yearly, solemn”
  • Sophie – “wise”
  • Tamara – “palm tree”
  • Valerie – “strong, healthy”
  • Venus – “love and desire”
  • Victoria – “victory”
  • Viola – “flower”
  • Violet – ” flower”
  • Virginia – “spring-like, flourishing”
  • Vivienne – “alive, full of life”

We have shown the result of more than 120 names which you can pick for your child, selecting can be challenging so to make it easy follow these simple steps.

  • Chose the best short names which will be easy to remember and have positive energy with emotion.
  • Share the name with the family whichever you would have selected.
  • Take everyone’s opinions and bang takes a final decision.

Some people also like to have Genealogy names even that option you have while selecting a name of the baby as time pass you can select the name which was quite popular as it became uncommon.

Conclusion: English Girl Names

English girl names have a rich history and diverse range of options that provide parents with many choices when selecting a name for their baby girl. From traditional and classic names to more modern and unique names, the English language offers a plethora of options for parents to choose from. 

The meanings behind many English girl names provide an added layer of significance and depth to a child’s name, making it a lasting and meaningful choice. With so many options available, parents can find the perfect name to suit their child’s personality and create a name that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

English girl names are a beautiful and timeless tradition that will continue to inspire parents for generations to come.

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