Magical Names: 320+ Cool Magical Names with Meanings

Every parent starts thinking about the name of the child even before the birth of the child, more attention needs to be taken in naming the children because every name definitely has some meaning and somewhere the effect of the name can be seen in the personality of the child. 

That’s why today we are going to tell you about some Magical Names after a lot of research. We hope that you will like these names, and from these names you will definitely get an idea how to name it.

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  • Selene– “brightness”
  • Echo– “Reverberating Sound”
  • Thea– “gift of god”
  • Vera– “faith”
  • Cleo– “pride”
  • Isabel– “pledged to God”
  • Calista– “most beautiful”
  • Elodie– “riches”
  • Belladonna– “beautiful lady”
  • Astoria– “hawk”
  • Arcadia– “happiness”
  • Alecto– “the implacable”
  • Wanda– “wanderer”
  • Emmeline– “work”
  • Drusilla– “fruitful”
  • Florence– “blossoming, flourishing”
  • Matilda– “strength”
  • Goldie– “Made Of Gold”
  • Aurora– “dawn”
  • Poppy– “The milk of happiness”
  • Snow– “Frozen Rain, Light-haired”
  • Eglantine– “Sweetbriar”
  • Giselle– “pledge”
  • Delphine– “woman from Delphi”
  • Astrid– “divinely beautiful”
  • Oceana– “ocean”
  • Calypso– “to cover”

Magical Names Girl

  • Hermione– “Messenger”
  • Fey– “Fairy”
  • Zorina– “golden”
  • Sol– “Sun”
  • Kachine– “Dancing Spirit”
  • Daphne– “Nymph”
  • Titania– “The Great One”
  • Benilde– “good”
  • Diana– “He Divine One”
  • Yaksha– “The Nature Fairy”
  • Isqesis– “Small Woman”
  • N?maka– “Sea Goddess”
  • Myrtle– “myrtle bush”

Popular Magical Names

  • Katinka– “Pure”
  • Kinsley- “King’s clearing”
  • Ethel- “noble”
  • Molly- “Of the sea”
  • Zorya– “Goddesses”
  • Avelin- “wished for child”
  • Dahlia- “Name for A Flower”
  • Leetah– “The Great Elf”
  • Kami- “Spirits”
  • Lilith- “Ghost”
  • Amitola– “rainbow”
  • Aziza- “The Splendor”
  • Opal- “The Beautiful Gem”
  • Aradia- “The First Witch”
  • Carrie- “free”

What are some of the cutest magical baby names?

  • Vlad– “to rule’ or ‘glorious rule”
  • Emerald– “Green Gemstone”
  • Cassiopeia– “she who chooses to excel”
  • Blossom– “Bloom”
  • Lyra– “Lyre, Harp”
  • Aster– “star”
  • Blade– “knife or sword”
  • Evadne– “well or good”
  • Hazel– “the hazelnut tree”
  • Pandora– “the all-endowed”
  • Belinda–  “beautiful”
  • Galadriel– “maiden crowned with a garland”

Magical names boy

  • Arabella– “answered prayer”
  • Evelina– “strength to live”
  • Hecuba– “Mother of Paris and Hector”
  • Rhiannon– “great queen”
  • Rosetta– “magnificent’ or ‘splendid”
  • Ambrosia–  “immortality”
  • Allegra– “lively”
  • Cecily– “blind of self beauty”
  • Ariella– “lion of God”
  • Fawn– “young deer”
  • Tethys– “Wife of Oceanus”
  • Greta– “pearl”
  • Eden– “place of pleasure”
  • Agatha– “good, honorable”
  • Amethyst– “precious purple jewel”

Lovely Magical Baby Names 

  • Esmeralda– “emerald”
  • Cybele– “She Of The Hair”
  • Adella– “Noble”
  • Indigo– “dye from India”
  • Briony– “to germinate”
  • Crane– “Krahn” or “Kranic”
  • Imogen– “maiden”
  • Ariel– “lion of God”
  • Agnes– “lamb”
  • Meadow– “field of grass”
  • Millicent– “strength”
  • Primrose– “first rose”
  • Cerys– “Love”

 Favorite Magical Baby Names 

  • Bliss– “joy, cheer, intense”
  • Reina– “queen”
  • Minerva– “goddess of wisdom”
  • Hecate– “Far Away”
  • Fiona– “fair”
  • Gretel– “Pearl”
  • Isolde– “battle”
  • Flora– “flower”
  • Ember– “Burning low”
  • Lilac– “Bluish Purple Color”
  • Ariadne– “most holy”
  • Leanne– “Clearing/Gracious, Merciful”

Tips for Naming Your Babies

Name has special meaning

It is said that the behavior and future of the child will be made on the basis of his name. For example, if a daughter is named Khushi, she will always look happy and chirp. That’s why, when choosing a name for kids, be sure to think about its meaning as well.

Select short name

These days parents choose short names for their children. Names longer than 2 or 3 characters are rarely kept these days. Actually, such names are considered quite cool and beautiful. But, keep in mind that the name should be short as well as easy to speak. Also, your baby’s name should have some beautiful meaning.

You can also take care of Numerology

This science related to addition and subtraction of numbers plays an important role in naming many people. These days people also take the help of Numerology while choosing names for children. In this way, parents have chosen a name for their child based on the equation of time and date of birth. Similarly, many people are also changing their names on the basis of numerology. So that, they can get success and happiness in life.

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