Royal Baby Names: 450+ Catchy and Awesome Royal Names

When a child is born in a family, it is a very happy moment. Parents and family members think of the name of the child on the same day. Naming a baby is a moment of excitement and joy, but it is also challenging. 

Every parent wants their child’s name to be attractive as well as easy to hear and speak. That’s why parents are often confused while naming a child. There is no doubt that a name is the identity of a person. The personality of the person is reflected by the name itself. 

Therefore, in order to name the child, apart from the parents, the whole family shows interest and searches for new names. Royal Baby Names

If you are also pregnant, and you have not yet thought about the name of your baby, then know what is the way to name the baby.

If you keep these things in mind then you will surely find the best and unique one for your baby.

There are many people who call their children by any name. Always name your baby in a name that has a cute meaning, choose a nice name that has a deep message or meaning hidden in it.

Nowadays it is said that the meaning of the name often also affects the nature of the people. That’s why whatever name you keep, it will have an effect on the behavior of your child.

Royal Baby Names

  • Mia
  • Helena
  • Grace
  • Louise
  • Diana
  • Sophie
  • Eugenie
  • Elizabeth
  • Zara
  • Anastasia
  • Beatrice
  • Alice
  • Meghan
  • Charlotte
  • Victoria
  • Augusta
  • Alexandra
  • Maud
  • Catherine
  • Margaret
  • Eleanor
  • Isabella
  • Estelle
  • Caroline
  • Philippa
  • Anne
  • Mary
  • Sarah
  • Royal Baby Names

English Royal Boy Names (Royal Baby Names)

  • Adrian. This strong name goes back centuries and is derived from the name of Roman emperor Hadrian, who had his army build a huge wall in Britain. The name has also been held by many popes.
  • Albert. Albert, meaning noble and bright, has been a prevalent name in many royal families. The name became popular more widely in the 19th century possibly because it was the name of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband.
  • Alexander. This is a royal name with lots of heritage. For example, this powerful royal name is shared by historical rulers such as Alexander the Great.
  • Andrew. Many saints and Hungarian kings have held this name, which means manly in Greek. Andrew was one of the names of the British sovereign Edward VIII, (later called Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, after his abdication) whose full name was Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David.
  • Archie. Based on the German name Archibald, which is a combination of words meaning genuine and bold, this name has been used by many British noblemen.
  • Arthur. While it’s not certain whether King Arthur was a real person or simply a legend, the name Arthur certainly has a warrior-king ring to it.
  • Augustus. Augustus was the first emperor of the Roman Empire and succeeded Julius Caesar. Three kings of Poland also had this powerful name, which means exalted in Latin.
  • Carl. With German origins, the name Carl means free man. Many kings of Sweden have held this name. The English variant Charles is also a popular royal name, as is the Spanish variant of the name, Carlos.
  • Charles. For a classic royal name why not take inspiration from a very popular and noble name like Charles. Two English kings held this name, which derives from the Germanic name Carl.
  • Christian. Among the Danes, 10 kings have held this name, which is not only a royal favorite for boys but also a popular choice for baby girls, making it an appealing unisex name.
  • Christopher. From a Greek name that means bearing Christ, Christopher has been the name of three kings of Denmark. It was also a very popular name in England, Wales, and the United States in the 20th century.
  • David. The Hebrew name David means beloved and was the name of the second king of ancient Israel, who famously defeated Goliath as recounted in the Old Testament. Two Scottish kings also held this name, which was popular in Great Britain throughout the Middle Ages. The name still ranks as one of the most popular boy names in many countries.
  • Edward. This name has been a classic throughout the history of English royals. In fact, eight English kings have held this name, which means rich guard.
  • Felipe. Spain’s royal family has a lot of elegance and class, and this Spanish form of the name Philip has been used by six Spanish kings.
  • Frederick. For a distinctly Danish royal name, you could go for Frederik, which means peaceful ruler. Nine kings of Denmark have held this name, as have kings of Sweden, Prussia, and Austria.
  • George. A name used quite often in the British royal family, George is of Greek origin and means farmer. Six kings of the United Kingdom have held the name George, which continues to be a popular royal baby name in several countries.
  • Henry. Eight kings of England, seven kings of Germany, and four kings of France have held the name Henry, which means home ruler in German. The noble name has maintained its popularity over the years.
  • James. The most well-known James in royal circles is probably King James VI and I. He was originally the king of Scotland, but later became the first King of England and Ireland as well, forming the kingdom of Great Britain. If that isn’t enough, he also authorized a famous translation of the Bible.
  • John. The biblical name John has Latin, Greek, and Hebrew roots and means Yahweh (God) is graceful. Byzantine emperors were the first to popularize this name, after which it spread throughout the world with local variations.
  • Leopold. In German, this name means people and bold, and this name was common among the royal houses of the Babenbergs and the Habsburgs. Two Holy Roman emperors bore this name as well, as did Queen Victoria’s uncle, who was also the king of Belgium. Leopold easily shortens to Leo, which in Latin means lion.
  • Louis. If you’re a Francophile at heart, why not consider Louis? The most famous Louis is probably King Louis XVI of France, who was the last king of France before the French Revolution ended France’s monarchy.
  • Malcolm. If you are looking for a strong, unique, but less common royal name, consider Malcolm, which belonged to four kings of Scotland including the king who murdered Macbeth. Shakespeare’s tragic play is based on this legendary story.
  • Michael. This Hebrew name continues to be a classic boy’s royal name that never seems to go out of style. Byzantine emperors as well as rulers of Russia, Romania, Portugal, and Poland have held this name over the years.
  • Muhammad. In Arabic this name means praised or commendable. It was the name of the Prophet Muhammad, who founded the Islamic religion. Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and many African kings have held this dignified name.
  • Nicholas. Looking for some Russian royal inspiration? Consider the name Nicholas. It was the name of the last tsar of Russia, Nicholas II. The name means victory of the people.
  • Philip. Kings of Macedon, France, and Spain have held this traditional name, which means lover of horses in Greek.
  • Richard. If you hope your son will have the heart of a lion, pick Richard as a name, after King Richard I of England, who was also known as Lion Heart. This is a strong royal name that means brave ruler.
  • Stephen. From the Greek word for crown or wreath, Stephen is a strong name that has been the moniker of multiple kings of England, Serbia, and Poland, among others. King Stephen was also the Hungarian nation’s first Christian king.
  • Umberto. This elegant and dignified name is the Italian version of the name Humbert, which means bright warrior. Two kings of Italy have held this name, including the last reigning king of Italy before the monarchy was abolished in 1946.
  • William. This name means strong-willed warrior. If you want your son to have a royal name that has traditional roots yet also has a modern flavor, this could be the right choice for you. The name belonged to four previous kings of England.

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Unique Royal Names Girl

  • Isabella
  • Sarah
  • Philippa
  • Catherine
  • Elizabeth
  • Anastasia
  • Anne
  • Beatrice
  • Meghan
  • Caroline
  • Emma
  • Amelia
  • Jane
  • Sophie
  • Helena
  • Maud
  • Victoria
  • Charlotte
  • Louise
  • Eugenie
  • Zara
  • Anne
  • Estelle
  • Mary
  • Diana
  • Augusta
  • 26. Helena
  • Margaret
  • Grace
  • Alexandra
  • Alice
  • mia
  • Eleanor
  • Royal Baby Names

Royal Names List

  • Billy – “Will helmet”
  • Luca – “From Lucania”
  • Nikita – “Unconquered
  • Ross – “Headland”
  • Warner – “Army”
  • Morgan– “Sea warrior”
  • Melanie – “Black”
  • Dashiell – “Page boy”
  • Fredrica– “Peaceful ruler”
  • Jax – “Son of Jack”
  • Zara – “Blooming flower”
  • Alessia – “Defender of men”
  • Sandra – “Protector, defender of man”
  • River – “body of water”
  • Royal Baby Names

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Fantasy Royal Names

  • Jack- “God is graceful”
  • Sterling – “highest quality”
  • Tyra- “Thor’s warrior”
  • Valda – “The battle heroine”
  • Cinderella – “Little ashes”
  • Stephanie – “Crown”
  • Nelson – “Son of Neil”
  • Pauline – “Small”
  • Jude – “Praised”
  • Taki – “Falling water”
  • Knox – “Round Hill”
  • Moana – “Ocean”
  • Adam – “Man”
  • Bellatrix – “Female warrior”
  • Royal Baby Names

Unique Royal Names Boy

Royal Baby Names
Royal Baby Names
  • Vera- “The truth”
  • Axel – “Father of Peace”
  • Gabriela– “God is my strength”
  • Willard – “Resolutely brave”
  • Owen – “Noble born”
  • Gideon – “Hewer”
  • Andre – “Manly”
  • Moxie – “Boldness”
  • Maxwell – “Great stream”
  • Snow White– “White as snow”
  • Hessa – “Destiny
  • Belle – “Beauty”
  • Nala- “Water in the desert”
  • Mariana – “Lady of the sea”
  • Royal Baby Names

European Royal Names

  • Cecilia: The feminine form of the Latin name Cecil (“blind one”). A pretty, very feminine name that doesn’t get used much, but should.
  • Wilhelmina: An Old German name, meaning “will-helmet.”
  • Louisa: Like Louise, it means “renowned in battle.”
  • Charlotte: This French version of Charles means “little woman.”
  • Adelaide: From Old German, meaning “noble” or “nobility.” Queen Adelaide, who bore this name most famously, married William IV of England after he’d been turned down by more than a few other ladies.
  • Alexandrine: Another form of the popular name Alexander.
  • Frederica: The feminine form of the very German name Frederic, meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  • Nicolaos: A Greek form of the classic and very popular name Nicholas.
  • Alexia: A pleasant variant form of Alexander.
  • Paul: The classic Latin name, meaning “small.”
  • Wladyslaw: Also spelled Vladislav, this Slavic name means “glorious rule.”
  • Oleg: This Scandinavian name, along with its feminine form, Olga, appears frequently on the Russian family tree. It means “holy.”
  • Anastasia: This was the name of Nicholas’ most famous daughter, the one who many believed escaped death when the rest of her family was assassinated. Ironically, this Greek name means “resurrection.”
  • Vladimir: Another popular name for the Russian aristocracy, it is Slavic and means “great ruler.”
  • Kira: This name is the feminine form of the Greek Kyros. Kira, the daughter of a second cousin of Czar Nicholas II, was one of the last children to be born to the Russian royal family.
  • Basil: This Greek name meaning “knightly” or “royal” was borne by an early czar, Basil III, who ruled from 1505-1533.
  • Natalia: A pretty form of the name that gives homage to the day of Christ’s birth. It is derived from the Latin dies natalis, or “natal day.”
  • Xenia: This Greek name, meaning “welcome,” was the name of a sister of Czar Nicholas II.
  • Mikhail: The Russian form of Michael. Both forms appear fairly frequently on the Russian family tree.
  • Ivan: The Russian form of John. This name was borne by a number of Russian rulers.
  • Theodore: This Greek name, meaning “God’s gift,” appears often in Russian royalty.
  • Boris: This Slavic name, which means “warrior,” fit the Russian ruler Boris Godunov to a T as he dominated through persecution and fear. It would probably be to Mr. Gudunov’s great dismay, however, to learn that most Americans will forever associate his name with the squatty little Russian spy with the thick accent in the cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle.
  • Alexander: The famed Alexander Nevski was a noted warrior in the battles against the Teutonic Knights of Germany who were commissioned to conquer and convert Prussia. Alexis and Alix are two popular variants of this very popular royal name.
  • Igor: Another classic Russian name, it means “bow warrior” or “archer” and came to Russia via Scandinavia. The first Igor was a grand prince of Kiev.
  • Andrei: This is the Russian form of Andrew and was the name of several of the grand princes of Moscow, the forerunners of the Czars.
  • Nicholas: Perhaps the most famous czarist name. It’s the Russian form of the Greek Nikolaos.
  • Tatiana: Another classic Russian name, it is a form of the Latin Tatianus, which comes from a Roman clan name. Tatiana was one of the daughters of the last czar.
  • Royal Baby Names

Traditional Royal Names Indian

  • Uday- Uday means to rise or ‘the rising’, a popular name for Indian boys.
  • Pratap- Meaning ‘Bravery’, it’s a classic Indian royal boy baby name.
  • Raman- Meaning ‘wise protector’ it’s an enigmatic name for a prince.
  • Eshanth- An alternate name for the Hindu deity ‘Lord Vishnu’.
  • Ravindra- Grandeur name for boys meaning ‘the sun lord’.
  • Karan- Rajput name meaning ‘Ear’. Old warrior name from ancient India.
  • Ahan- One who is the nature of time, first ray of light, morning glory, sunrise.
  • Jai- Common royal name in the Rajputs
  • Aaron- Exhalted high, light bringer, lofty, enlightened, powerful mountain.
  • Tarun- A slick Rajput name which means to ‘gain’.
  • Vikram- Meaning ‘fearless, or the wise one’. Traditional Indian name of Rajput origin.
  • Vaibhav- Meaning ‘ethical, moral and righteous’. One of the names of Hindu deity Vishnu.
  • Rana- Means to gaze or look, royal name denoting a monarch.
  • Madan- Indian boy name meaning unique, exotic and ‘god of love’
  • Jaswant- Means Victorious or Worthy of praise. Popular form Maharaja Jaswant Singh.
  • John- Hebrew name meaning ‘God is graceful’ and a common royal name.
  • Lakshay- Strong name which means ‘Aim, goal or destination’.
  • Gaurav- Classic royal baby boy name meaning ‘pride, honor and respect’.
  • Rawal- Royal name for rulers in western Indian states meaning ‘King’.
  • Ratan- Meaning jewel, it’s one of the glorious royal baby boy names.
  • Bhairon- It’s an original, refined, rich baby name that means ‘Fear inducing’.
  • Rajeev- Popular Rajput name meaning ‘achiever or blue lotus’.
  • Amar- Amar is a popular one syllable Rajput name which means Immortal.
  • Yogesh- Meaning the ‘god of yoga’, a unique Indian boy name with spiritual significance.
  • Harish- A spiritual name honoring the Hindu deity ‘Lord Shiva’.
  • Royal Baby Names

English Royal Boy Names

  • George
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • William
  • Albert
  • Frederick
  • Charles
  • Arthur
  • Louis
  • Philip
  • Richard
  • James
  • Augustus
  • Alexander
  • Christian
  • Andrew
  • David
  • Patrick
  • Ernest
  • John
  • Stephen
  • Royal Baby Names

Tips for Naming Your Babies (Royal Baby Names)

Naming their child is the most important task for every parent. At the same time, name is such a thing that remains attached to our identity till the last breath. There are a few things you should keep in mind while naming babies.

Good to hear

The name should be such that it makes the heart happy to hear. Don’t pick a name that stings in the ears and sounds awkward when called fast. At the same time, the name should also match with the surname.

Don’t choose trendy names

Contemporary names are trending a lot these days. They can be included in the list of trendy names but keep in mind that their trend is only now. When your child grows up or goes to school, then these names may not be trending and then the name may seem strange. So avoid having trendy names.

Name should mean

Always give your baby a name that has a cute meaning. Choose a simple name that has a deep message or meaning. Nowadays the trend of having such names has increased a lot. At the same time, it is believed that the meaning of the name also affects the nature of the people. Therefore, whatever name you name, its meaning will have an effect on the behavior of your child.

Should be short and easy

Having a long name can make a child upset. Give the baby a name that is easy and easy to speak. The spelling of the name should also be easy.


While naming the name, you also have to keep in mind the child’s nickname. Keep the name such that it can be shortened to give a good nickname. Children are called in the house by nicknames. Keep this in mind while naming.

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